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What People Are Saying

Elevate has the best trainers. They are attentive, friendly, helpful, and encouraging. The workouts are always unique, comprehensive and very fun. Everything is well thought out - down to the play lists.


I have always been into running, and done all kinds of classes and boot camps around town, but nothing has been as effective or engaging as Elevate. I actually look forward to working out now, and feel like I’m part of a wonderful community.


As a mom of 2 who works full time, the flexibility of classes is also part of what makes it work for me. I can hit a class at 6 am on the way to work; or do a Gladiator/body building class at lunchtime; and we never miss the challenging weekend classes such as Hyrox and Warrior. And there are no sign up lists to try to get on the night before - you can drop in for the class that works for you. I couldn't recommend a community more highly!  

Raleigh Swift

I’ve been a member of Elevate Fitness for over five years now and Chris Thompson has been the driving factor for my continued membership. To me, Elevate Fitness is more than your typical gym or workout routine. They offer several classes every day during the week. Since my work schedule can change at a moment’s notice, it’s nice to know I won’t be charged for not showing up for a specific class like other places. Also, each workout changes daily so you don’t have to worry about being bored with the class. If you enjoy working out but want need some positive encouragement, I hope to see you in class one of these days. You’ll see positive results after just a few weeks.


Finally, Elevate Fitness can help anyone at any fitness level. It’s common for me to be in class with a Spartan sponsored athlete and someone whose goal is to lose 10 pounds. The workouts are prepared to be challenging enough for the Spartan athlete but fair enough for those just getting back into working out.


By signing up for Elevate Fitness, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a group of people you’ll quickly consider friends.

David Krebs

Elevate Fitness has been my go-to workout for nearly 8 years. From IRONMAN to pregnancy, the workouts can be modified to fit your goals and where you are in your fitness journey. Elevate is a great total-body workout and the best part is that you just have to show up – the trainers are there to answer any questions and keep you moving along. The workouts are challenging, but can be modified and the community atmosphere is awesome. Thanks for keeping me strong, Elevate!

Amanda Norton

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